March 4, 2007

You Are What You Eat

We're going to go off topic here for just one post. Humor us. Anybody who loves and enjoys the experience of wine understands the relationship that wine has with food. For us, wine is a component of our meal and as we put much thought to the wine we want to open, we also put a lot of thought into the food we want to eat. Cat and I have been eating organic for years, and this extends to the poultry and meats that we want on our table. When our local grocer changed to all organic, all free-range meats a couple years ago we were really happy, and our non-fish meat consumption went up as a result.

Back in December I discovered that a friend of the family was supporting the sustainable agriculture, livestock quality of life endeavor and instilling these values into their own family run farm, Grass Run Farm. Shortly after that, we received our first sampler package of selected beef cuts that had been ordered for us by my father as a holiday gift. The meat was outstanding. The beef tenderloin was simply incredible, and the New York Strips are the best we have ever had. We are planning on ordering with frequency from this farm for the obvious reasons, but in addition there is something to be said for knowing, and I mean REALLY knowing, where your food comes from. There is a trust there.

Grass Run Farm just sent out their latest newsletter, and it re-reminded me about the value in sustainable farming, and in placing emphasis on the healthfulness of the foods we choose to bring into our homes. In their news section they recommended an article that was in the NY Times in January that Cat had read. It's a great article, and I highly recommend to any of you who care deeply about the foods that you prepare to give it a read.

Grass Run Farm is in the midst of completing the process of being certified as an organic farm and have been offering grass fed, hormone free, family raised beef and pork for some time. I added them to our Shared Sentiments over there on the right and hope you'll take a moment to investigate and support their efforts.

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