January 7, 2007

2005 Verget Macon-Charnay "Le Clos Saint-Pierre", Burgundy

Verget is a highly regarded Burgundian wine producer. As a result they are able to acquire their grapes from some of the top vineyards in Burgundy. Several of their wines are actually quite pricey, but this entry-level was not only quite affordable, but also very excellent. It is clean and very well made in a light style with excellent Chardonnay character and hardly any oak. It may have seen no oak at all. It is very fresh and bright tasting with hints of wet stones and anise in the nose. It has fruit as well as a very nice length to the flavors with melon balanced by slate and a mineral quality that we love. Cat noted that the flavors were great and they disappeared quickly leaving a dry and crisp finish to the wine. For the money, this wine kicks ass. It would be terrific with lighter food and most fish and seafood.

cost - $17.99 on sale from $24.99

winecommando rating (1-10) - 8


cathauto said...

I think I tasted a touch of bubble yum grape flavor gum. Maybe that was us making out just prior to having wine. Note to Husband: Don't chew gum (even if it is tasty grape flavor) while kissing your wee-fay. ESPECIALLY if wine follows. 'Nuff said.

sanspotash said...

Uhh... point well taken. Thanks for the "input."

cathauto said...

Kidding! Sheesh!