January 7, 2007

1998 Domaine Caillot Santenay, Burgundy

Ugh. What the hell were we thinking. Typically, we love white Burgundy and Santenay rarely disappoints. Was at the local wine shop and saw this 1998 from a producer we had not tried and despite the fact that it was on "close-out", and despite the distinct possibility that this wine was past its prime, damaged, and probably not drinkable... well, the price was too good to say no to and we brought it home.

Lesson no. 456 - Trust your instincts.

The wine was bad. It was badly damaged, probably by heat and/or improper storage. The color was more like a Sauterne than like a chardonnay (see photo). It tasted like a marathon runner's insoles. It has sat on our kitchen counter for the last week as we were planning on returning it. For some reason, though, it continues to sit there like some sort of "you're an idiot" signpost. Note that with French chardonnay in this price range it is best to check on the older vintages prior to purchasing. This is because, especially within the last few years and with the lower priced wines, they are being vinted to drink within a few years after release.

cost - $9.99 on sale from $22.99

winecommando rating (1-10) - not rated / bottle was damaged

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sanspotash said...

Two days later and this wine is STILL telling me that I am an idiot. I think I need to dump it and recycle the bottle now.