February 15, 2007

Wine Blogging Wednesday Wrap Up - New World Syrah

Earlier this week Winecast posted the summary of WBW submissions from last Wednesday. The deal with WBW is after a theme is chosen (in this case... New World Syrah) wine bloggers far and wide can submit their reviews. For this last WBW, winecommando submitted its review of the Chilean Montes Alpha Syrah. What's interesting is that another wine blogger, Good Grape, also reviewed this wine and had a somewhat different take on it than ourselves. Check both reviews out, then track this wine down, taste it, and do your own review. If you agree with me, I'll post it here.

Just kidding.

The theme for the next WBW is boxed wine. Not sure if Cat and I will be taking part in that one, though there are actually some decent wines now coming in boxes and other unique containers. Is it a trend? Is it marketing? Not sure, but we are starting to see some funky wine bottles here and there. We picked one up a bit ago and will be reviewing it here shortly. We will also be posting our St. Innocent wines double header review of the Shea vineyards Pinot Noir and the Pinot Gris. Both were really, really good.

Yes, those are actual Syrah grapes up there in the photo.

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