January 8, 2007

2002 Domain Thomas + Fils "La Crele" Sancerre, Loire

French sauvignon blanc gets me as geeked up as pinot noir. There's just something about really, really good ones that stop me in my tracks. Cat feels the same way. This wine was not one of those, but it was still quite good. There are really two main sauvignon blancs coming out of the Loire Valley in France, and they are very different in style. Sancerre being the more delicate of the two, the other is Pouilly Fume, which is made in the next village over from Sancerre. In Sancerre there are two types of vineyards... one is made up of more earth and the other of quite a bit of limestone. This one comes from the limestone vineyards, and you can taste it.

The nose is terrific. It smells like summer, which is probably why I love Sancerre so much. On the tongue there are green apple and lime-like flavors. The limestone quality is prevalent throughout. You can smell it and you can taste it. I really like this, but some do not. I enjoy being able to taste and smell the ground in which the vines are growing. Sounds crazy, but the French call this "terroir" and this approach of bringing out the soil qualities in wine is catching on big time in California. Most of the higher end wines from Napa and Sonoma are now embracing the unique qualities of their soil and touting these as desired flavors in their wines. I say rock on. This wine was crisp and refreshing, and would be a terrific apertif or afternoon cocktail wine with light appetizers or good lightly flavored cheese.

cost - $19.99 on sale from $24.99

winecommando rating (1-10) - 6.5

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